Mission Statement

Awakening Hearts

We want to provide a platform where the body of Christ gets trained, equipped and receives impartation of gifts and anointings.

Revival Meetings

Our goal is to prepare the soil for the seed of Revival to grow in the "Dreiländereck" (i.e. the whole region around Basel).

Revival Meetings

Next Awakening Basel Meetings

Due to the Covid 19 restrictions the meetings for the time being
will NOT take place in Landgasthof Riehen.
Instead we will host these meetings at the same time online.

We are very happy that David Hogan will bless us on Monday, June 21st and on Tuesday, June 22nd at 7 pm.
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Revival Meetings

Due to the Covid 19 restrictions the meetings in
Landgasthof Riehen will NOT take place for the time being.
Instead we will host these meetings at the same time online.

God is not restricted by time and space;
He can now bless you with the Awakening Basel revival meetings
worldwide at any time.

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Revival Meeting

with Joanne Moody &
Agape Freedom Fighters

Thursday January 7th 2021 and
Friday January 8th 2021
at 7 p.m.
Languages: English and German

Revival Meeting

with Carter Wood

Tuesday February 9th 2021 and
Wednesday February 10th 2021
at 7 p.m.
Languages: English and German

Revival Meeting

with Gary Oates

Friday March 19th 2021 and
Saturday March 20th 2021
at 7 p.m.
Languages: English and German

Revival Meeting

with Walter Heidenreich

The meetings on Tuesday April 20th 2021 and
Wednesday April 21st 2021 at 7 p.m. unfortunately
have to be cancelled at short notice
due to personal reasons of the speaker.

Revival Meeting

with Wes Hall

Wednesday May 19th  2021 and
Thursday May 20th 2021
at 7 p.m.
Languages: English and German

Revival Meeting

with David Hogan

Monday June 21st  2021 and
Tuesday June 22nd 2021
at 7 p.m.
Languages: English and German

Legacy Youth Camp

with Joanne Moody & Agape Freedom Fighters
and Will Hart from IRIS Ministries

Saturday July 24th  2021 to
Saturday July 31st 2021
Hotel Meielisalp
3706 Leissingen
Languages: English and German

This is a camp focused on the youth, but as from 15th of April registrations are open for anyone who would like to join us. This will be a camp that will mark your life! For more info, please see the flyer.




Joanne Moody

Joanne Moody lives in Rocklin, CA and is happily married to Mike. She loves being a mom to son, Kian, She is an ordained minister through the Apostolic Network of Global Awakening. She is a Christian Life Coach through Western Seminary's Coaching Program and has a passion to see people walking in their true identity as sons and daughters of God. She leads healing teams, teaches, speaks, trains and equips leaders and laypeople nationally and internationally in all types of ministry venues through her ministry, Agape Freedom Fighters, www.agapefreedomfighters.org. Agape training programs are designed to equip individuals, church and regional prayer teams with practical, theologially grounded training in the ministry of physical healing, inner healing, deliverance and prophecy. Joanne has completed her first book called Minute by Minute which is on living a life through adversity, which covers her near-death experience and miraculous healing of 15.5 years of debilitating nerve pain. To hear her story go to https://vimeo.com/124975841 Joanne has got good relationship with different denominations and churches worldwide, including the UK and Ireland.


Blaine Cook

After many years spent in the Quaker tradition, Blaine's wife, Becky, had a powerful encounter with the Holy Spirit. Blaine was so shocked by his wife's transformation that it sent him seeking after God for months. In the end, God found him. At the same time, John and Carol Wimber were launching the Vineyard movement and the Cooks had the opportunity to travel around the globe and participate in the leadership of several early Vineyard Ministries. Blaine feels honoured to serve the Kingdom through teaching on the spiritual gifts, healing, power evangelism and personal evangelism. Foundational to all his teaching is a passion to equip and train whosoever will. Also a dynamic business leader and entrepreneur, Blaine has formed and managed many successful corporations over the years. In recent years Blaine has used his influence and talents on projects that work to improve the human conditions in underdeveloped areas. Blaine and his wife Becky live in Southern California near their three daughters, sons-in-law and ten grandchildren.


Stacey & Wesley Campbell

Wesley is the founder of Be A Hero International and a board member of Tell Asia Ministries. He has taught throughout the nations on "Praying the Bible." Wesley is a very gifted teacher. His passion for revival will inspire you and his teachings on Praying the Bible will change your life and the lives of those around you. He founded and pastored a church in Canada for 30 years. While leading this apostolic center, Wesley, along with his wife, Stacey, traveled to between 50 – 100 cities a year, ministering in over 2000 churches and conferences, spanning 70 countries. As popular conference speakers, they labor to see revival and social justice transform the world. Wesley and Stacey have five grown children and reside in Santa Maria, California.

Stacey Campbell is a prophetic voice to this generation and has a passion to teach believers to know how to hear the voice of God through proper teaching and strong values. She is the founder of the Canadian Prophetic Council, and has helped launch prophetic roundtables in several nations. She serves as an honorary member of the Apostolic Council of Prophetic Elders, presided over by Dr. Cindy Jacobs. She and her husband, Wesley, are founders a mercy organization for children at risk called "Be A Hero." Stacey is a board member of Iris Global and together her and Wesley serve on the Apostolic Team of HIM (Harvest International Ministries). In addition, they are the authors of five books and the Praying the Bible CD series. They have ministered in over seventy nations, laboring to see people, cities, and nations transformed. The Campbells have five grown children and live in Santa Maria, California, where they are part of the Healing Rooms of the Santa Maria Valley.


Steve & Sally Wilson

Sally and Steve Wilson are Global Awakening leaders and pastors of Dayspring Church in Springfield, Missouri, USA. Their desire is to see the gifts of the Spirit restored to the gospel message. To nurture an expectancy for more in every believer and to establish a revival culture secure enough to sustain an awakening. To see the next generation step into position and take the move of God further than we have. To see body ministry become a reality with every believer equipped to love like Jesus loved and minister like He ministered.

Flyer Steve & Sally Wilson

Surprise Sithole

Surprise "Supressa" Sithole was called by the Lord Jesus Christ at a young age of 15 when the Lord told him to leave everything behind, follow Jesus and preach the gospel wherever he went. Surprise serves as the International Director of Pastors for IRIS Ministries where he helps oversee the rapidly spreading revival in southern African which has witnesses close to 7,000 new churches being birthed since 2000.

Flyer Surprise Sithole

Abe & Lil de Fin

Abe and Lil pastored the Acts Christian Church in Midrand, Johannesburg, South Africa for more than twenty years and serve now as senior ministers. Abe left an electrical engineering career in 1980 for ministry and was involved with evangelism, church planting, bible school teaching and local pastoral work. Lil is great-granddaughter of Smith Wigglesworth, the "Apostle of Faith", renowned for his total trust in God and His divine healing. She exhorts her listeners under a strong prophetic anointing with clear and accurate insight.

Flyer Abe & Lil de Fin

Dr. Rodney Hogue

Dr. Rodney Hogue has been in full time ministry since 1977. He pastored over 32 years on the west coast in Washington state and California in the USA. He has been ministering in the areas of deliverance and healing since the early 1980's. Since 2008, he has been teaching in conferences with Global Awakening primarily in the areas of inner healing and deliverance and oversees the deliverance track in Global Awakening's Christian Healing Certification Program. Rodney now ministers itinerantly equipping believers to walk out their identity and expand God's Kingdom which includes demonstrating the Kingdom of God with power.

Flyer Dr. Rodney Hogue

Thomas Christensen

Thomas Christensen is passionate about revival in Europe. He loves to build a bridge between the biblical principles and people's everyday lives. He always has a smile, good humor and a great story to tell. Thomas is from “Openchurch”, Denmark and has been in pastoral ministry for more than 18 years. 4 years ago he started to see a greater breakthrough in miracles, signs and healing – Blind people seeing, deaf and mute healed and even lame jumping around in joyful celebration of Gods goodness.

Flyer Thomas Christensen




The most important support you can give to us is your prayer! Please pray for open hearts, that people accept the invitation for our meetings, that the Holy Spirit can touch hearts with his love, change them and set them on fire, that the sick get healed in body, soul and spirit, that the bound get free and that Gods Kingdom will grow mightily in Basel and the whole region of the border triangle.


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